AMEN!!!!! Nobody is saying anything about where our votes were sent to for validating! Like - to Venezuela! I'm in Georgia. We are NOT a blue state, we just got sold out by Kemp and our SOS. They will be voted out. The tour needs to make a Georgia stop! Invite Trump! My Hero! Last - please make sure to insist that ALL keep PEACE during all gatherings. We do not need to act like the left! Please!!!!

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I can almost forgive the impeachment vote, that was a kneejerk reaction taken too close to the event. I said almost C I wouldn't have voted that way.

What's more important to me, is fixing what caused this; a laundry list of election system shortcomings that allowed the democrats to cheat the many ways that they did.

1st up I want a constitutional amendment that says "The very future of the United States of America being at stake in every (presidential) election, EVERY CITIZEN of the united states has a stake and therefore standing in any and all legal challenges involving elections. The Supreme Court MUST set aside it's current docket and Look at and hear arguments in any and all legal challenges involving elections immediately."

In conjunction with other NEW LAWS and required procedures, I also want an additional constitutional amendment that says "All elections for state and federal offices shall NOT be administered or run (process and counting) by Local municipal employees or volunteers, but by the National Guard"

I want Laws that state:

1: No Mail in Ballots allowed except traditional Absentee ballots which must be applied for in advance and which application shall include signed Doctor or employer notes Stating the voter will not be able to vote in person due to illness or job related temporary relocation.

2: Vote tabulating scanners shall not have any possible way of connecting to any network except to a USB printer (Requires severe operating system modification). Every thing the machine does, the machine will record in a read only file the date, time location, pct , ballot number sections voted successfully, sections errored, or errored sections re-voted after correction, see subsection 2c below..

2a: Vote tabulating machines may only INCREMENT the number of votes per candidate, every hour it will print on paper, a report showing the date and time, voting location and Pct. and each candidate in each section and the current total number of votes for each;

2b: Vote tabulating scanners shall scan and identify each section of the ballot separately and for any "over votes, "unreadable votes" or any other errors the Vote tabulating scanner shall make a sound and print on the actual ballot "Errors found in Section(s) ... and list the sections where errors were found. The machine shall keep a record of all ballot numbers and sections withn each ballot that had errors.

2c: For any errors reported by the scanners, The poll worker AND the POLL OBSERVERS from both parties involved MUST reach a unanimous decision within 3-minutes or discard that section.

If the poll worker AND BOTH observers reach a unanimous decision and make the correction, the ballot shall be re-fed to the scanner which will remember that ballot and this time only tabulate the errored sections.

3: Law and order and decency and decorum shall be monitored and enforced by State Police and County sheriffs deputies. Officers shall be chosen and assigned by their command staff so as NOT to place any officer in a place where he or she votes.

3a: any attempt at harassing, intimidating, unnecessary rudeness, view blocking or any other unprofessional behavior towards an poll observer or worker shall be immediately reported to the onsite police officer, who shall remove the offender from the building and bar them from further election activity and in the officers discretion, arrest the offender and have them removed to the county jail.

4: There shall be a network of onsite security surveillance cameras sufficient to directly cover each work station and to include enough digital "fisheye" cameras similar to Geovision GV-FE420 360 Degree IP Security Camera (http://www.geovisiongv.com/gv-fe420.html) to cover the entire indoor area. Microphones shall be located at or near each workstation and fed to the video recording system for the camera that is watching that location

5: In any "closing for the night" or "closing for 'name the emergency' " before final official vote counting is officially completed, where people are required or lead to believe they are required to leave, The State Police shall remain on site, monitor all security, prevent any "deliveries" or any other "irregularities".

5a: When returning to the building, The State police will enter 1st to turn on the lights, then The state police shall make sure the observers from each party are present and that the observers are the 1st to reenter the building.

5b: Before the beginning of voting, (night before) State Police shall make sure that enough blank ballots to equal the number of registered voters fore that location (plus additional amount for “spoiled ballots” based on statistical data for “spoiled ballots” for that location) have been delivered to the location. If more are needed, they must be ordered and delivered before the beginning of voting.

State Police shall secure and guard the building from entry by anyone until time for the building to open.

5c: Once voting has begun, the state police shall ensure that NO DELIVERIES of ANY KIND, Not even Food are to be made to the building. At break and lunchtime, workers can go somewhere else to eat. Since most "workers" are to be National Guard, The NG can make accommodations for them in the parking lot or nearby.

5d: From the night before opening for voting until the official end of final vote counting (including recounts) The National Guard is to also assist the State Police in securing the building and perimeter.

These laws must be enacted at the Federal level in order to apply to voting in all states and be effective. This SHOULD prevent MOST of what was done last time, but only if enacted at the federal level. If 1 state is not bound by this legislation, then we will have repeats of what happened last time in those states that have not adopted it.


Joe DeMarco

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There needs to be election security improvement bills passed with strict election security procedures.

The private companies (Dominion, ES&S, any others) are not regulated as companies. They are private, with much information about their business and operational practices kept totally private. This should not be accepted.

Congress recently appropriated $425 million in additional funding to the federal Election Assistance Commission to be distributed to states to improve election security, which could include buying new equipment. Adding machines is alarming & should not be done until changes are not made.

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Need to add the judges that betrayed trump on here too. They threw out all of the election fraud suits.

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I would like to contribute but I do not put credit card data into the internet. Do you have a US mail address to send a check?

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3a. Someone will try to hit you with striping constitutional right to vote. Apologies just a heads up brother. AT THAT DESIGNATED POLL STATION THE PERSON OR PERSON WILL SELF PREPARE VOTING ELSEWHERE at that point. Just looking out. GOD bless

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Murkowski got her position from her daddy when he came BACK to AK & ran as (1 term) Gov. 26 people were vying fir that position but nepotism prevailed! She ran against Joe Miller on an independent ticket pandering to our native population-which did squat for them. She had to “turn back” a lucrative land deal on the Kenai Peninsula, political favors-donchaknow!! & she has cowtowed to the likes of Feinstein over Kavanaugh confirmation. The biggest Rino AK has ever had & she kept getting re-elected????

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You're so full of shit. Quit being a cry baby fuck

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What did Dan Crenshaw do?!?

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Your list is way too short !

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Yes, let's get these Turncoats out! But let's remember this is a Spiritual Battle and has to be done with much PRAYER! As David stood against Goliath we must come against the enemy! These people are defying the God of Israel! If we don't stand, we will lose our rights to assemble in Jehovah's name and there will be much persecution against the Covenant people of the Most High! Let's make sure that we are right with God, first and foremost, and do this with much PRAYER! The enemy is defeated when the battle is the Lord's! Let's stand up and Fight!

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