Quick Results: Russia Hoaxer OUT at GQ Magazine

Julia "weak link" Ioffe announces departure from GQ just hours after Tyrant's Curse bombshell report.

Julia Ioffe is OUT at GQ Magazine just a few hours after Tyrant’s Curse released Jennifer Lawrence’s bombshell investigation on the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers. Ioffe was nicknamed “weak link” in the bombshell report on Monday morning. By Monday afternoon at least one member of Congress had shared the report and Ioffe had announced her departure from GQ Magazine.

Ioffe has long used her platform at GQ Magazine to attack President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. Her announced departure is welcome news.

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BOOM! @JenLawrence21 dropped the hammer on the "weak link" of the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxer.

Julia Ioffe @juliaioffe

This is my last week at @GQMagazine. Though long-planned, this is a bittersweet departure. The last 2.5 years working alongside the incredible @geoffgagnon and the whole GQ team have been so incredibly fulfilling and fun. Now I'm off to finish my book. More TK!

The weakest link broke even sooner than we anticipated. Now just wait until Facebook realizes how much of a liability it is to employ a known political operative like Anna Makanju in a position of authority over censorship and elections. Tyrant’s Curse has reached out to Facebook for a response about the report on Makanju. As of writing, we have not heard back. We will update you if we do!

One astute Twitter user noticed something that was tucked away in the report on the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers. Is that Pulitzer prize winning New York Times reporter Michael Schwirtz posing with a confederate flag? Tyrant’s Curse has reached out to the New York Times for comment.

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