Facebook Censorship Czar Anna Makanju Linked To Secret Group At Center of Russia Hoax

Explosive new details about the secret group at the center of the Russia Hoax and sham impeachment.

It’s been more than a week since it was revealed that Facebook’s Content Censorship Manager Anna Makanju had a massive conflict of interest with the censoring of a NY Post bombshell regarding Joe Biden’s shady business deals in the Ukraine. Makanju is right at the center of both the censorship and the Biden kickback scandals. She has no business being anywhere near the decision making process for what content should be censored this close to an election.

ANNA MAKANJU IS STILL AT FACEBOOK CENSORING scandalous information she is DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN both with Joe Biden and foreign influenced NGOs. Makanju and Facebook are illegally putting their thumbs on the scale of the American election. I can’t wait any longer to get this important information out. The integrity of the election is at stake.

Here is the woman responsible for eliminating billions of pro-Trump interactions linking to a fundraiser of one of the candidates on her Instagram page.

Several reporters have covered Makanju including this personal background story on how I started investigating the group I call the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers. Allum Bokhari covered Makanju’s ties to the Atlantic Counsel and Burisma for Breitbart News. That’s just the tip of the iceberg on Makanju and the secret group of elite journalists who drove the Russia Hoax and sham impeachment.

Makanju appears to be the “inside” girl leaking information to Julia Ioffe, Michael Schwirtz, Miriam Elder and others who have coordinated across media platforms to push the Russia Hoax and sham impeachment. Here are the players of what I’m calling the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers.

On paper, they are an impressive group of globalist Trump haters. The group includes a Senior Buzzfeed editor, a Pulitzer prize winning NYT writer, and a host of other fancy people with big titles. They all share one thing in common, deep ties to mother Russia. Let’s meet the Russian-tied globalists known as the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers:

Anna “the leaker” Makanju - Meet the mysterious Nigerian Princess from Russia censoring MAGA

Anna Makanju has a very mysterious online footprint unlike any other person I’ve ever investigated or reported on. She has very impressive and formal bios at globalist institutions like the Atlantic Counsel and the George Soros PD Cookbook. I’ll get to her professional resume in a moment. First, one of the strangest things I discovered about Makanju is that apparently she’s a Nigerian Princess. She doesn’t include it in her fancy biographies but when you dig a little deeper you find this story from the Guardian about her royal Nigerian wedding to a “white American.”

Interestingly enough the New York Post story that was killed by Facebook would have been of high importance to Makanju because she was the advisor who prepared Joe Biden for the call in question with Poroshenko. She was also the only other person on the call with Biden and Poroshenko. Following the call Makanju said that the release of the transcript of the call would only strengthen Biden.

Mankanju also met with Eric Ciaramella and other Russia Hoaxers more than a dozen times at the White House in regard to Ukraine and Russia. Makanju had a very big presence during the Obama White House, beyond just her position with Joe Biden. According to her bio on the Atlantic Council website site she also was a “senior policy adviser to Ambassador Samantha Power at the United States Mission to the United Nations, director for Russia at the National Security Council, and the chief of staff for European and NATO Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.” Another major aspect of her resume is that she is a 2003 Soros Fellow and is featured in Paul and Daisy Soros’ Cookbook for New Americans.

How can Facebook allow someone so entrenched in the political war between Democrats and Republicans to hold the authority of censorship over content before an election? It’s no wonder pro-Trump groups, pages and profiles are being taken down at a blistering pace. Facebook has a major problem with the role it is playing in the American elections and her name is Anna Makanju.

Julia “weak link” Ioffe- GQ Magazine

Julia Ioffe is one of the nastiest public critics of President Trump. It was Ioffe who provided the most clues and documentation of the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers. For that, I have nicknamed her the “weak link”.

She was fired from Politico and forced to apologize after making inappropriate sexual comments about President Trump and his daughter Ivanka. Her trainwreck profile of First Lady Melania Trump for GQ was shredded for being inaccurate and predatory. Her most recent article claims that secret and invisible energy is being shot into the heads of people by the Russian government.

It’s a crazy story if it’s true but her track record of being factual on these matters is less than ideal. Let’s take a look at some of her credited contributions to the Russia Hoax:

November 2017 - Ioffe Breaks a Story Describing a Months-Long Email Chain Between WikiLeaks and Donald Trump Jr. In response, Trump Jr posts the unedited messages revealing her “scoop” was heavily edited to change the meaning of the conversation entirely.

November 2019: - Ioffe “mocked” in the media for trying to cover for Hunter Biden by claiming MUH RUSSIA over paternity claims.

September 2020 - DHS and FBI dispute claims of Russian election tampering in Michigan made by Ioffe.

Miriam “the projector” Elder- Buzzfeed

Miriam Elder is a media “expert” on Russian propaganda which appears to be a classic case of Alinsky projection. That is, accusing others of exactly what you are doing. As a regular member of the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers she’s helped spread the anti-American propaganda she claims to oppose. Elder’s almost complete body of work for YEARS is aimed at undermining both Putin and Trump. Her over the top headlines and flimsy stories can be almost comical at times but her intentions are obvious.

Remember the Steele Dossier and the “pee pee tapes” that turned out to be completely bogus? Most outlets refused to publish the outlandish allegations but I bet you can guess who ran it despite it being a pretty silly conspiracy theory on its face. It was Buzzfeed and Miriam Elder.

Wouldn’t you know it just a few days before, the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers all came together for a big New Years Eve pow wow. Here are some of the photos.

In late 2019 and early 2020, Elder used her platform at Buzzfeed to churn out content supporting the sham impeachment of President Trump. Elder and her cadre of supporting cast reporters at Buzzfeed got tons of publicity for inaccurate stories that underpinned the Democrat case for impeachment. Including claiming secret unspoken messages on the “perfect call” between President Trump and the Ukrainian President, multiple attacks on Rudy Giuliani, and nearly a dozen other stories the media covered breathlessly.

Even a cursory review of Elder’s body of work going back more than a decade reveals a long history of debunked and unfounded rumors originating from the Buzzfeed employee. Why isn’t she being censored by Facebook and Big Tech?

Oh that’s right, Anna Makanju.

Michael “unwarranted Pulitzer” Schwirtz - NYT

New York Times reporter Michael Schwirtz and his husband regularly host the elite globalists who make up the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers in a beautiful estate in the Catskills. In his statement after winning the Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on Russia, Schwirtz credited the “Belarussian KGB in part for my start at the New York Times.”

It’s hard to imagine Shwirtz wasn’t among the journalists President Trump called on to “…turn in their tarnished awards so they can be given to the real journalists who got it right.”

Schwirtz is also the source of the extremely dubious and anonymously sourced story about Russian bounties on American troops in Afghanistan that the lunatic left went crazy over.

Max “the link” Avdeev - Buzzfeed

Photojournalist Max Avdeev is often seen accompanying his fellow members of the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers in social media posts on trips in Russia and in the US. He’s an extremely talented photographer who has done serious work embedded with Ukrainian rebels and remote communities in Russia.

Now you’ve met some of the key figures of the Lew Beach Russia Hoaxers. The stage is set for the rest of the story about what these globalists are mixed up in. In our next report we exhaustively review everyone’s posts/appearances and match the meetings to the public release of information at the center of the whole scandalous plot to overthrow President Trump. The results are astounding.

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Jennifer Lawrence