Is Fred Upton the Worst Republican in the House?

His voting record and district would suggest Yes.

In the competition to be the worst Republican member of the US House, the fighting can be fierce. Neocon Liz Cheney (WY-At Large) hasn’t met a war she wouldn’t like to start and Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) would crawl over broken glass to get more positive attention from the liberal media. These two are terrible people, they are MAGA Sellouts, and they must be turned out by their Republican voters in 2022. They act more like double agents within the Republican Party than real conservatives.

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But no one in the House votes more consistently against his Republican district than MAGA Sellout Fred Upton (MI-06). Upton is at the top of my Blackball Scorecard for taking the worst votes against his Republican constituents. He voted to override President Trump’s veto of the NDAA last year. He voted for the fact-free impeachment of Trump. He voted to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committees. He voted for a gun control bill and for both amnesty bills.

There is only one House Republican with a worse voting record than Upton on legislation: Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01). The Pennsylvania congressman has voted with the Democrats on every single partisan bill this year. He voted to override President Trump’s veto of the NDAA last year. He voted to strip Marjorie Taylor-Greene of her committees. He voted for the Radical Equality Act, for both gun control bills and for both amnesty bills. Fitzpatrick is not a conservative.

The only reason I don’t rank Fitzpatrick as worse than Upton is that Brian runs in a district with almost no Republican registration advantage and he didn’t support the fact-free impeachment of Trump.


Fred Upton represents a Michigan district with a 4 point Republican advantage and he won his last reelection by 15 points (with the Libertarian taking nearly 3%)! Very few voters care who their congressperson is. When it comes to a House vote, most people vote their party preference in the General Election. The 6th Congressional District would clearly support a real Republican.

Oh, and Fred Upton is the guy who banned incandescent light bulbs.

This swamp creature has been stewing in the DC juices for 34 years. He’s so out of touch from where the Republican electorate is today that the signals probably take three weeks to reach his orbiter. Fred Upton is the epitome of a Beltway elite.

Republicans in his district must unite around a single primary opponent and retire MAGA Sellout Fred Upton in 2022.

As effective leaders in the fight to elect MAGA candidates, we’re being targeted by DC and the left wing media. We need your financial help to do this work on the ground and fight off the Lawfare tactics being used every day to harass and intimidate us. Rest assured we won’t back down.