The 37 Worst Republicans in the House

A current scorecard of the House GOP Members who betray us most often

We’re only two months into the two-year congressional term and more than three dozen House Republicans have already started finding numerous ways to betray the voters who worked hard to get them elected and voted for them.

Republican elected officials surrender more often than the French. We’re used to it. However, more and more GOP voters are ready to hold these turncoats accountable and turn them out of office.

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To that end, I’ve been keeping a scorecard for the last few months and I decided to start it with the vote to override President Donald Trump’s veto of the NDAA. You’ll remember he was using the MUST PASS Defense Authorization bill to force Congress to end the section 230 legal shield BIg Tech uses to censor conservatives with impunity.

He was also trying to prevent the Pentagon from blocking the planned withdrawals of troops from Afghanistan and changing the names of military installations named for Confederate leaders.

One hundred and 40 Republicans voted to override Trump who was trying to help all the conservatives who’ve been deplatformed over the last 4 years and end our Forever Wars. That was my first recorded “blackball.” Nearly every single Republican who was leaving Congress voted against conservatives. Surprised? lol.

That was followed by the fact-free impeachment that 10 Republican House Members supported, plus a few others who made the media rounds virtue signaling and helping the Fakenews media spread false narratives about the Jan 6 riot (looking at your Nancy Mace and Dan Crenshaw!).

Then 11 caucus members voted to strip their fellow Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene of all her committee assignments for opinions that they disagreed with. Talk about a dangerous precedent.

Three republicans voted for the radical “Equality Act” that erodes women’s rights, guts religious freedom, strips healthcare workers of their conscience protections as it relates to sex reassignment surgery, hormone treatment, and abortion, was well as forcing taxpayers to fund abortions.

Then came two votes to restrict gun ownership in America: one to criminalize unlicensed private gun sales and the other to extend background checks to 10 days. Eight Republicans supported those bills.

Most recently, the House passed two amnesties, one to give citizenship to nearly every single illegal in the US (plus some that have been deported) and a slightly smaller amnesty. Nine Republicans supported the giant amnesty, while 30 supported the large amnesty.

Altogether, I scored eight bills that deserved a blackball. However, some actions are worse and needed additional weight. Supporting the fact-free impeachment of President Trump, virtue signaling to the left wing press at the expense of your supporters (I identified 5 GOPers who repeatedly do it), and supporting amnesties that will make it impossible for conservatives to ever win a future election-- these all received extra blackballs.

Why? Because these actions are clear indications that a politician isn’t a team player and is simply involved in “public service” to advance themselves. Actively feeding elite narratives designed to suppress conservatives, or actually voting to create millions of new Democrat voters, are deeply cynical moves for any Republican to make.


Total Blackballs Awarded: 15

Okay. An overview. The good news is that 92 members have no blackball on my scorecard. The bad news is that 119 do, but 82 of them only have one blackball for overriding Trump’s NDAA veto. They’ve remained united against the worst Democrat actions during the new Congress. So not too bad.

That leaves 37 Republicans in the House who have signaled a growing inability to stand up for MAGA. Here’s my scorecard (The MAGA Sellouts are identified in red). The list is sorted by most blackballs first, then by how safe their district is:

The first thing to notice is the Cook Political Index rating (far right column) for each district. Amazingly, 33 of the 37 districts have a Republican voter registration advantage. Nearly every one of these districts would elect a more conservative team player if that person made it to the General Election. There are Republicans in districts that are more difficult to hold who still manage to vote better than these weaklings.

The saddest name to see on this list is Devin Nunes (CA-22) who was such a gladiator against the illegal domestic spying operation that was run against President Trump and his key supporters. Yet Nunes would’t stand up for conservatives being crushed by Big Tech and he supported an amnesty that continues to encourage wage suppression, border chaos and future illegal immigration.

This is a chart of bad votes that NO Republican in DC should be taking. And it’s only been two months!

If every single one of these members was replaced during the primary, only 6 of these current seats would likely be in jeopardy. Notwithstanding the coming redistricting in 2022, on average, the out party picks up 26 seats in off-year elections. There is simply no good tactical argument for tolerating terrible Republican House members.

As effective leaders in the fight to elect MAGA candidates, we’re being targeted by DC and the left wing media. We need your financial help to do this work on the ground and fight off the Lawfare tactics being used every day to harass and intimidate us. Rest assured we won’t back down.