What is #MaidenGate?

Twitter User SomeBitchIKnow appears to uncover Biden fake vote harvesting technique.

A resourceful American using the Twitter handle SomeBitchIKnow has uncovered what appears to be one of the ways that fake votes were harvested in the 2020 election when she discovered that her mother’s vote had been cast under here maiden name. Posting her discovery using #MaidenGate she spurred other women to check their ballot status under their maiden names at previous addresses and what happened next appears to have uncovered one of the ways that fake mail-in ballots for Joe Biden were harvested and counted.

OF COURSE it’s not going to be the government that fixes our broken election system! It’s up to all of us to step up and fix it ourselves. Check on your vote! Has it been counted?

As more evidence has surfaced #MaidenGate has picked up traction. Picking up support from the RSBN Network, Charlie Kirk, and other popular MAGA figures.

I’ve been telling people that the middle of the night Biden drops were functionally impossible statistically. Simply, the exact number of ballots Biden needed to make up huge deficits didn’t magically appear at 4am with nearly 100% returns for Biden. Mathematicians have been making the case but it’s worthless without also uncovering the methods to create reserves of fake ballots. Don’t take it from me, take it from the guy who invented email.


Hey guys, this case is shaping up to be fairly straight forward. Time to go to work!

We’ve had enough! We aren’t going along with this “gaslight coup”. We’re going to March for Trump in Washington DC on Saturday. I’m going and I’m bringing everyone I can! Let’s do this!

See you there!

Stay prepared and be vigilant.

Dustin Stockton


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