Tyrant's Curse On The Road Again

The March for Trump Bus Tour Resumes

Today Tyrant’s Curse and the March for Trump are back on the road and going from SEA TO SHINING SEA to answer the President’s call for patriots to be in Washington DC on January 6th.

This will be the third DC protest we’ve organized since the election and our second bus tour. Over that time we’ve rallied millions of patriots and reached tens of millions with the Tyrant’s Curse message. Over Christmas I realized that the core message was missing a critical element, God. So I’ve updated the Tyrant’s Curse Creed:

A well-armed and self-reliant populace, who take personal responsibility and put their faith in God, can never be oppressed and will never be ruled. It is the Tyrant’s Curse. We are the Tyrant’s Curse.


One of the greatest blessings of this whirlwind of activity has been getting to know two men who are leading the fight for religious liberty. This reboot of the “Black Robe Regiment” from the revolutionary war has inspired me and brought me closer to God.

We met Pastor Brian Gibson and Pastor Greg Locke along the way and Tyrant’s Curse is excited to announce that they will be joining the March for Trump SEA TO SHINING SEA BUS TOUR.

Pastor Locke and the Global Vision Bible Church has graciously hosted us twice in Mt. Juliet outside of Nashville.


The March For Trump schedule has been updated today with more detailed information about the stops we will be making.


I’ve ordered Tyrant’s Curse hoodies, beanies, and masks. I managed to get the hoodies and am trying to get the masks and beanies from UPS. After I get a hold of the goods, I’ll be reaching out to current subscribers to hook you up. Those subscriptions are what allow me to stay in this fight full time and I pledge to do a better job of keeping everyone updated here.

From now until January 6th Tyrant’s Curse is offering 33% of subscriptions for 12 months at ***THIS LINK***

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Stay prepared and be vigilant.

Dustin Stockton - TCF001

Tyrant’s Curse Founder

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