Tyrant's Curse

Not like anything else in politics. Ever.

Hi, I’m American Activist Dustin Stockton (EastCann, America First Projects, WeBuildTheWall, Breitbart) and I approve this important message to my haters.

It’s a crowning achievement if you ask me! I just wanted to give you an idea of what you’re dealing with here. This isn’t like any story that’s ever been told. I’m proud of that!

I’m creating Tyrant’s Curse to share my wild firsthand accounts from the center of stories the public is never supposed to hear. I’ve been attacked in terrible ways in a misguided attempt to prevent me from sharing what I know. All the threats, intimidation, and attacks have only strengthened my resolve to share what I know with as many people who are willing to listen.

Armed mailmen held my Fiancee Jennifer Lawrence and I at gunpoint in the middle of the night and seized our cellphones. Now, the clock is ticking to tell our story or let some asshole lawyer do it.

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It’s not easy to explain how I came to build the wall, work for Steve Bannon, AND own part of an emerging markets cannabis fund in Singapore. I have long held the “free and open exchange of knowledge” as a foundational principle. That’s being tested right now, let me tell you.

I’ve got the inside scoop on billions of dollars in government allocations and stories of foreign diplomacy and intrigue that hopefully will make you join me in challenging the broken political system. It seems crazy but I know we can build a modern political party from the ground up that makes the RNC and the DNC obsolete!

Cowards, bullies, and oppressors cannot escape a fate worse than death. The Tyrant’s Curse.

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As the father of four, lawyers tell me I’m probably facing years of expensive legal trouble. Think General Flynn. It is a dark and dangerous time and your support is deeply appreciated. I’ll work hard at it and do the best I can. It won’t be boring, I can promise you that.