America First Forever: 5 peaceful actions you can take to ensure election integrity

Real things you can do to support President Trump and election integrity.

1: Mobilize in person

We are headed to Washington DC and we need to make sure its MASSIVE. I’ll be there and I’m giving free subscriptions to Tyrant’s Curse to anyone who donates to help the amazing ladies at Women for America First put everything together.

2: Join the America First Forever Group on Facebook

Facebook shut down our Stop the Steal group and locked us out of our accounts until lawmakers reached out on our behalf. Thank you Senator Marsha Blackburn for speaking out for us!

Please join the America First Forever Group on Facebook and invite others. If they take it down it only adds to our case against them.

3: Keep the pressure on lawmakers

More than 23,000 letters to lawmakers have already been sent to Demand Election Integrity on Rally Congress. Have your elected representative heard from you yet?

4: Help patch our broken lines of communication

Big Tech and the media are working overtime to censor and silence anyone organizing to support President Trump. Our lines of communication with millions of people are being blocked. Google my name “Dustin Stockton” and you’ll see how the media is attacking us to provide cover for Big Tech to shut us down. Please join the Tyrant’s Curse email for free or as a subscriber so we can stay in touch.

We are counting on YOU to help us get the word out to flood Washington DC on November 14th with patriots who support President Trump and demand election integrity.

5: Provide financial support to the March for Trump

In addition to all the costs associated with organizing this kind of event (permits, sound/stage/audio equipment, printing, marketing, media, tech, etc) we have the additional costs of setting up new accounts to replace those deleted by Big Tech.

We have partnered with Women for America First and the countries best MAGA organizers to make all this happen. Every dollar you can spare will be put to good use!

***Make a contribution here***

Stay prepared and be vigilant.

Dustin Stockton


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