MAGA Sellout Jaime Herrera Beutler Tries to Apologize for Calling Her Republican Supporters “White Supremacists”

How do you “unintentionally” say that?

In a stunning, yet revealing, interview recently with a local news outlet, MAGA Sellout Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-03) tried to walk back this quote she gave in a March 12 New York Times fluff piece designed to reward her for voting for impeachment:

“She said she did not mind the judgment of ‘fringe-y people’ whose whole political identity was tied to Mr. Trump, because ‘I’ve never been in that camp, and I’m not going to win them back,’ she said. ‘I’m not exactly courting the white supremacy vote.’”

JHB says she regrets the language. Regrets?!?


“I’m sad I did, because it’s not in my heart in any way, shape or form,’’ Herrera Beutler said of using the terms “fringe-y’’ and “white supremacy vote.” “If I would have, in any way, thought I was calling good people, Republican or Democrat, but certainly Republicans, that I was suggesting or calling them that, I would not have said it. I would have never uttered that because I would never want to bring that accusation against good people.

“Clearly, I did not communicate well,’’ Herrera Beutler said. “If you were left feeling that way, certainly that was not my intent.’’

Translation: “if you heard me clearly, I apologize that you didn’t understand I meant the exact opposite. No really. I did.”

What Republican, after four years of the elite media calling conservatives fascists and Nazis, is going to agree to prattle on with a New York Times reporter and then “accidentally” feed their vicious narrative that we’re all a bunch of racists?

There are only two options. Either she’s not very smart or she’s a secret NeverTrumper who hates our guts. Both are disqualifying.

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Herrera Beutler is no rookie. She’s been in Congress for 13 years. If she hasn’t learned how not to call her supports White Supremacists by now, she isn’t going to. This was not a “dumb mistake” and it’s not the first time she’s fed The Left’s narrative.

If she truly wanted us to accept her apology she would acknowledge the statement disqualified her and announce that she isn't running. Sincere apologies come with acceptance of consequences (i.e. amends). She's not apologizing, she's spinning.

You don't "accidentally" feed the Left's narrative about Republicans being White Supremacists. She revealed how little she thinks of her base and how in sync with elites she is. It's time to go Jaime!

The more she tries to explain herself, the less confidence any MAGA Republican should have in her:

“The only reason I agreed to do it was it was supposed to be on parenting legislation and on child care,’’ she said. “I’m not running to The New York Times to bare my soul. I’m still not taking a lot of national (media) stuff and that’s on purpose. If you read that piece, it looks like a profile on my vote and everything that has happened since and that’s not what it was supposed to be.

“I probably should have been less clumsy,’’ she said. “When I say ‘fringe-y’ people or ‘white nationals’ or ‘white supremacists,’ having grown up here (in Clark County) I didn’t even think about those types of groups existing.’’

Here’s a quick look at Jaime Herrera Beutler’s credibility meter:

“We all get lumped into, ‘if you’re a Republican, you’re a racist,’’’ she said. “The left has been doing that at an increased rate. I want to be sensitive to that and not in any way add to that. I’m a Republican, a conservative and I’m a Trump voter. I certainly don’t think anybody who is a Trump voter is a racist or white supremacist.

JHB even admits that she tried in vain to give anti-Trump Democrats strategic advice on how to get more bipartisan support for their fact-free impeachment. She claims she approached House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer to suggest they wait, saying:

“Do a bipartisan investigation and do it over time,’’ she said she told Hoyer. “There are 74 or 75 million Americans who voted for him. If you think there is something there to look at, explore it and take the time to do it right.’’

JHB represents the elite Republican elected official whose wealth and status have completely insulated her from the raging cultural war that is destroying the freedoms of her constituents. She’s not fighting in Washington DC for anything other than herself.

As effective leaders in the fight to elect MAGA candidates, we’re being targeted by DC and the left wing media. We need your financial help to do this work on the ground and fight off the Lawfare tactics being used every day to harass and intimidate us. Rest assured we won’t back down.