EXCLUSIVE: Left Wing Lunatics Attack Pastor and Family

Attacks and Threats Have Forced Peaceably Gather Pastor Brian Gibson and His Family Out Of Their Home

Pastor Brian Gibson and his family have been forced to move their family to a safe and undisclosed location after a series of attacks and barrage of threats from lunatic left wingers. The media has whipped up the escalating hate leveled at the Peaceably Gather Preacher in response to Pastor Gibson’s participation in the March For Trump Bus Tour.

Pastor Brian and his wife Pastor Jessi Gibson asked for prayers and financial support in a video posted Saturday and in an exclusive interview with Tyrant’s Curse. “The media is inciting violence against me and my family because we preach the word of Jesus Christ and support President Trump,” Pastor Gibson said in a phone interview.

“We’re coming to you tonight from an undisclosed location because our family has been under attack,” Pastor Jessi Gibson says in the video. She continues, “five men came the other night to try to find us. We’ve been moving our children and ourselves repeatedly to keep us safe and out of harm’s way.”

“Our security has encountered several suspicious groups at our properties in Texas and Kentucky,” Pastor Brian told Tyrant’s Curse. “One of those properties was broken into. We’ve been forced to hire security not just for my family but for all of our churches.”

“The left and the media can incite as much violence as they want. We are going to keep spreading the Gospel. We know that God will provide.” - Pastor Brian Gibson


The attacks against Pastor Brian and his family have been incited by a barrage of media attacks trying to tie him to the events at the US Capitol on January 6th. Pastor Brian was photographed with climate-activist Jake Angeli in Phoenix Arizona during the March For Trump Bus Tour and hosted the “Prayer to Save America” in Washington DC on January 5th. Pastor Brian was not in the Capitol on January 6th.

Tyrant’s Curse traveled the country for weeks with Pastor Brian as part of the bus tour and co-hosted the Prayer To Save America. I’ve made a contribution to help my friend cover the costs of security and encourage everyone to do the same.

Here are some of the highlights of the important work he’s doing.

Pastor Gibson will not be deterred and will preach on Sunday. “These attacks will not stop me from preaching God’s word.”

Amen Pastor. Amen.

Stay prepared and be vigilant.

Dustin Stockton - TCF001

Tyrant’s Curse Founder

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