"Bigger Than The Tea Party..."

Democrat's election shenanigans ignite massive backlash with Trump voters

President Trump’s supporters have had enough

There is a growing and passionate tsunami of angry Americans who have had enough with Big Tech censorship and media hoaxes. Last minute election shenanigans in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina has sparked a backlash so intense that seasoned activists say it’s more intense than anything they’ve ever experienced.

“Oh my God, it’s WAAY bigger than the Tea Party,” Trump confidant Amy Kremer said to me. Amy would know, we first met while barnstorming the country on the Tea Party Express more than a decade ago. I nodded my head agreeably but my troubled thoughts quickly drift to an unsettling truth. The people trying to install Joe Biden in the White House have no freaking clue what they’re dealing with. This is a release of slowburn rage like we’ve never seen and they aren’t ready for it.

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EDIT: NEW FB GROUP HERE. Overnight a Rally Congress set up to “Demand Election Integrity” racked up more than 4,000 letters sent to lawmakers. Try to refresh it fast enough without it going up, I bet you can’t. I haven’t been able to for hours.

Rallying behind #StopTheSteal activists have organized hordes of citizen journalists to rally, observe, and monitor every location ballots are still being counted around the country. Unlike the Tea Party, these people aren’t looking for answers to what happened. They are looking for action NOW and to FINALLY hold people responsible for the obnoxious and pitiful corruption of our sacred institutions. The storm is upon us, if you will. LOCK THEM UP!

“It’s like the Tea Party, only meaner.”

The absurdity of the claim that a CCP globalist puppet who can barely string a sentence together had defeated Donald J. Trump is finally the hoax that went to far. “How stupid do they think we are,” poker legend Mike “the mouth” Matusow told me. “Every state’s mail ins were done before the 3rd except Pennsylvania and all voting magically stopped as Trump was about to mathematically eliminate Biden. Then hundreds of thousands votes magically came in.” How stupid do they think we are indeed.

From where we’re standing, we’ve put up with a LOT of the left’s delusional fantasies. Like the one where everyone is a Russian agent or the one where anybody but a complete moron would donate to the Lincoln Project sleazeballs. Much like the bombastic President we love, we just mocked and teased verified elitists for the vicious and vile lies spewed at anything standing in the way of orangeman bad. In our minds, we were letting the liars off easy by making them take the most poisonous elements of our political coalition by pretending they were relevant.

A Hoax Too Far

When supporters of President Trump went to bed on Tuesday night it appeared that President Trump would win election to his second term and all that was left was a little paperwork. With big beautiful dreams of four more years in their heads they slept soundly, not expecting to wake up in a nightmare on Wednesday morning. Many were awoken by wild eyed friends and loved ones who had held out for the declaration of victory for their favorite President. "Wake up! Something terrible has happened.”

When they were jolted awake on Wednesday morning the media was claiming that the impossible had happened. A senile old fool whose family had cashed in with the Chicoms while he was Vice President had defeated the greatest President in history. Somehow, President Trump hadn’t finished his political career with a resounding defeat of creepy Joe Biden. He didn’t overcome Big Tech censorship, the Russia Hoax, the sham impeachment, the Kung Flu, and a clean sweep of the media, Republican, and Democrat establishments. At least that’s what they were saying on the TV.

This was the America’s breaking point.

Americans have watched the lunatic left push themselves further and further into a hate-induced state of delusion for four years. We have watched as President Trump’s enemies worked themselves into a froth over stories that were made up whole cloth. Or even worse, by projecting their own corruption and evil onto the hardest working President America has ever had.

The exact number of legitimate ballots that Biden needed to win didn’t suddenly appear in Philadelphia and Detroit. The Democrats CHEATED. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out when they turned them in with batches that were 100% Biden. It’s not even a good attempt at cheating.

Joe Biden didn’t defeat President Trump. Any claim to the contrary doesn’t pass the smell test. There will be no “Gaslight Coup” and the new intensity of the American people who are fed up should make every crooked politician nervous. We’re done playing your evil games.

Stay prepared and be vigilant.

Dustin Stockton


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