Adam Kinzinger is the New Darling of The Left

He's smugly making the rounds on liberal TV, radio, and podcasts feeding TDS and left wing narratives

MAGA Sellout Adam Kinzinger is dancing to the liberal tune. After recently being named Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2021, he’s making the rounds on liberal TV, radio, podcasts and newspapers to bask in the glory that comes to any Republican who will turn on their voters.

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Chris Evans recently invited Adam on to the actor’s podcast so he could get kudos from Hollywood lefties and Kinzinger dutifully pulled a “Rick Wilson” talking down to Republicans voters and even spreading the Fine People Hoax:

“I feel like, with the past president, you’ve given license for some of that to be okay to say, whether he intentionally did it or not, who knows? When you say things like ‘the people on both sides’ of the debate for Charlottesville, for instance. You say things like, ‘I don’t know QAnon, I don’t know anything about them, but I know they like me.’ When a leader begins to reflect the darkness back to people – everybody, in your heart, there’s always a battle of dark versus light everyday – but when a leader speaks that darkness to you and gives it permission to overtake you [it leads to violence].”

Joe Biden doesn’t reflect any darkness back to people, right? Even though he spent his entire campaign calling President Trump a racist. The Democrats fed BLM and Antifa mobs all summer long—mobs that murdered people and destroyed thousands of businesses and livelihoods. But Adam Kinzinger keeps to the Democrat script.

Liberal podcasts, interviews with left wing newspaper reporters, Hollywood podcasts, and CNN…there’s no liberal program Adam Kinzinger won’t appear on to suck up to The Left and smugly dismiss Republicans. It takes no courage to tell elites what they want to hear.


Kinzinger even recently jumped in to help the mob attack a fellow elected Republican in Illinois:

Adam Kinzinger is only interested in his future employment with MSNBC and he has no problem giving aid and comfort to Democrats. This is no profile in courage. This is what a selfish, lying, back-stabbing politician looks and sounds like. Republican voters are sick and tired of being betrayed by Republican politicians who are just in Washington D.C. to enjoy the perks.

Even the Chicago GOP has had enough of Kinzinger:

Adam Kinzinger doesn’t have an honest bone in his body. He pretended to be a MAGA supporter when he need Illinois Republican donations and votes. Now he sells out Republicans to the mainstream media as he plots his next career move. “After all, with friends like Bill Gates, who needs to worry about the wrath of irate constituents?”

Donald Trump’s approval rating among Republican voters is over 80%. Among Republican activists it’s 97%. Why? Because he stands up to The Left.

While the country crumbles and Marxist legislation stacks up in the Senate, Kinzinger can’t be bothered to stand with the patriotic Americans who desperately want to save the country and our core American values.

Adam is the perfect embodiment of the smug elite enjoying his fiddle while Rome burns.

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