A look inside our mission from God

See the pics and vids from Tyrant's Curse amazing journey to reach millions

Greetings Tyrant’s Curse,

I’m STILL on the March for Trump bus still spreading our message after a month of historic accomplishment in the crucible of our time. Over and over again our mission from God has been validated but for Tyrant’s Curse none more than on Saturday.

I had the honor of introducing General Michael Flynn as he spoke in front of the Supreme Court. Over the last month I have delivered the Tyrant’s Curse message to hundreds of thousands in person and millions digitally. The globalists evil plot to overthrow our government has awakened a revival unrivaled in this nation for hundreds of years.


Admittedly, I have fallen behind keeping everyone here updated and so I’m going to use this post to share some of the pictures and videos from the journey.

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The women who make it all happen

The Women for America First headed by Amy and Kylie Kremer have been making the two massive DC rallies and the bus tour happen. They are family and I love them dearly. They are forces of nature.

Me and my girl

Getting to share this journey with a woman I love. I can’t even begin to count my blessings.

Bossman and Bowman

One of the unsung heroes of Tyrant’s Curse is my friend and associate Charles Bowman. When we ordered our team jackets the strong women honored me by putting “Bossman” on my jacket. So began the legend of Bossman and Bowman.

I was in some never forget photos on Saturday but the photo Bowman took of us on the elevator with our III% brothers (above) might just top them all.

Meeting important men of God

I’ve never been big on organized religion but I’d never met Pastors like Brian Gibson and Greg Locke. I met them somewhere about Atlanta and am proud to say that I count myself among their congregations. They have brought me closer to God and their message of being warriors for Jesus Christ has touched me in a way I could never have anticipated.

I expect to work closely with both of them for a long time to fight for religious liberty and against the Tyrants shutting down churches.

Pastor Locke had the crowd rocking in DC!

Pastor Gibson is spearheading the revival of the Black Robe Regiment and calling on churches across the country to reopen and to stand for religious liberty.

Introducing one of America’s truth seekers and tellers

Matt Couch is a relentless truth seeker and teller. For years I have been inspired by his tenacity on tough stories like the Las Vegas Shooting and the Seth Rich murder in Washington DC. Tyrant’s Curse seized the opportunity to introduce him at several rallies including the big one on Saturday in DC.

On Sunday President Trump showed us he was watching retweeting the tenacious journalist 3 separate times!

Inspired by a 91 year-old

In Lansing Michigan a 91 year-old lifelong Democrat stood like a rock in the freezing cold to stand for her President Donald Trump. If she could stand in the freezing cold, what possible excuse could the rest of us have for not Marching for Trump?

Press Conference With Some Amazing Patriots

When we arrived in Washington DC I was honored to be asked to join a large group of incredible patriots. The news that the Supreme Court had decided not to hear the case brought by Texas had just broken and I was tasked with responding to the breaking news. I think I handled it pretty well.

Rocking with Bryson Gray and Forgiato Blow

So many incredible friends and memories

Here are some more of my favorites pictures from the last week.

I still have hundreds of photos and videos to go through.

I could keep posting pictures and videos for MONTHS but I have to go plan our future events because we are keeping the busses rolling. I will keep spreading the Tyrant’s Curse message.

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Stay prepared and be vigilant.

Dustin Stockton - TCF001

Tyrant’s Curse Founder

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